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Easy to Learn & Use.
Highly Configurable.
Traceability & Audit Trails.
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Easy to Learn & Use

No setup required. No client software installation required. Our easy to use interface is highly intuitive and designed for your convenience. Optionally: we also provide 3 free training sessions.

TreeView makes it Easy

Allows you to open and close folders, fridges or other containers. Right click to rename, move, or delete samples or customers. Drag and Drop to move things around.

Highly configurable

You can create your own sample types, choosing Icons, type names, and a variety of fields: text, numeric, currency, dates, drop down selectors, checkboxes, etc.

Role Based Permissions

You have complete control over every folder or sample. Specify permissions: moving, deleting, viewing, modifying, renaming or adding new samples. Set permissions individually or by folder.

Search & Reports

Search by any field type and parameters. Save those searches or use them for batch processing. Single click takes you to the sample.

Traceability & Audit Trail

Every sample edit or addition is tracked. You can see who made the change and when, for all your compliance needs.

Mobile Data entry

Easily login, View and enter data from mobile devices. Add audit notes, or make comments, add descriptions, etc.

Importing Data

Import data from CSV spreadsheets, with a single click. Every row of your spreadsheet becomes a new sample entry.

Convenience Features

With extensive configurability, you can use our system for CRM or anything else. There's also electronic document management, email linking and a real time chat.

Software that stays ahead

You get free updates, right away. No need to download updates. With automatic and secure backups, you never have to worry about your data.

Try it Free!

There's no setup required and comes with several examples. You can use the Free version as long as you like, up to 10 users and upgrade at any time.